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Contact Thickness Gauge

1.    Characteristics of contact thickness gauge

The contact gauge is a kind of online high precision metal strip thickness measuring equipment, can quickly and accurately reflect the metal material in the production process or the actual strip thickness deviation, the thickness gauge for strip material and chemical composition effect, convenient use, reliable performance, "0" radiation, is the green environmental product compared to the ray, higher measurement accuracy, without any influence on health of human body. The customer uses the contact thickness gauge to remove the tedious procedures such as environmental approval and filing.



2.    Technical parameters of contact gauge


Resolution : 0.0005mm;

Stroke : 400 mm;

Accuracy :± 0.001 mm;

Measuring range : 0-3 mm;

Deviation output: +/- 10V;Digital signal :RS232 / BCD;

Mill speed:600m/min;

Depth of measurement: 120mm;


3.    Composition of thickness gauge  


a、 C type measuring body unit  

b、 Left and right measuring processing unit

c、 Computer measuring and processing unit  

d、 Gas unit

e、Towing chain and moving unit







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